miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

Fuck Off

Life past fast
But i don't wanna live
Cause you keep annoying me
Just let me the way i am

So call me
Fuck lazy or
Basket case
I don't care cause i like the way i am

You keep telling me how to live
Don't you understand that i don't wanna live like you?
Turn arround and fuck off
Just let me the way i am

So call me
Fuck lazy or Basket case, maybe
Fake Punk-Rock, I just don't care
Cause i like the way i am

martes, 13 de octubre de 2009

A Little Bedtime History

I'll tell you a history. This history it's about a thief, who theft from a family all the jewels in a invaliable price.

The police tried to capture him each day from 9 months,the thief did never appear... One guy tell to the police that he saw a kid playing with a rubi stone, it was from the family. The kid said that a nice guy gave it to him. Three days later appears almost all the stones that were stolen,the thief was giving them. One guy was for sure that the thief were hiding in a forest not very far away from the town where they live. The police and the families from the town tried to get the thief day after day but without any signal from him. Nobody understood why the thief was giving these stones, why he stolen them, why he waste time doing that?, but the answer was simple, the most of thiefs are looking for the same thing, a razonable thing, money, right?, but some people just want to watch the whole world burn,they enjoy the suffering of other people, why they do that? BECAUSE IT'S TOO MUCH FUN! they say.

The people of the town were desperate,they didn't have too more options, the thief did never appear, but it couldn't stay like that!. So they burned the whole forest to capture the thief...

Sometimes you got to sacrifice something to get another... but it the end you always gonna ask to yourself...did it worth it?.

-I Don't Know..

By: Me :B
All the rights and lefts reserved.

Ps: I liked the history

domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009


My luck is always hidding,
I've looked everywhere
But i'm gonna keep searching,
Searching for my luck

I've builded a fortress in sky
Where nobody can reach,
Some has tried to fly like a bubble
But as my dreams they fall apart

My dreams always fade and die
like a bubble when reach the sky
But i continue dreaming
Until some day they came true

Por: Yo :B
Todos los derechos e izquierdos reservados
PD: This doesn't have any sence. I know.

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

You're Wrong

I guess that I was wrong again
You're not the one who I thought
I don't want you arround anymore
So why are you still here?

You pretend to be someone else
Somehow I believe in you,
And if you think that I'm gonna believe again
You're wrong,
Just wrong.

Now that I've seen the way you are
I'm gonna just turn and run
Because you're not the way I tought
And thats just wrong.

Por: Yo :B
Todos los derechos e izquierdos reservados
Pd: your wrong too